Five ways small businesses can Increase their YouTube channel views

YouTube provides an avenue where both brands and people engage using videos. Apart from being a source of great entertainment, YouTube also provides businesses with a platform to interact with a bigger audience where they can display their products and services. Therefore increasing their chances of making sales.


However, for your brand to enjoy this privilege, your account should be very engaging in terms of the number of views you are able to attract. Now, unless you are a well-established brand such as Nokia mobile phone or Microsoft Incorporation Company, attracting a huge number of views is somehow challenging. But worry not because, by the time you are through with reading this article, you will have a solution to this challenge.


Increasing YouTube views is a whole lot of a process and not just an action that you undertake and sit back as the views count roll in. I might be tempted to say it’s an uphill climb that is somehow steep, but I would be wrong since millions of both business and personal YouTube channels will prove me wrong with their robust views count.


This means your business can achieve it too. The size of the business on YouTube does not really matter. What matters is your level of popularity and the amount of engagement that you are able to create on your channel.


We will delve into ways that will help you increase YouTube views and also answer questions such as whether to buy YouTube views to promote your channel visibility or not. Read on:


Understand your audience


Understanding your followers is basically the most important aspect that you should put into consideration. People are created unique in their own way and so is their preference on different things. Understanding your audience inclinations will make you create even better content in the way that they like it hence earn their loyalty and amass even more followers.



To understand what they like, you need to ask yourself questions like why do they follow you? What are the expectations of your followers? What is unique about your brand or content that keeps your followers from shifting loyalty? Such questions will give you an opportunity to re-discover your brand’s agenda. Then focus on being the best at it.


For instance, if you sell women’s beauty products you need to purpose your energy to understand all that there is to know about your niche, reach out to experts in your field such as bloggers who write about women’s beauty products or a popular magazine editor in the same niche. Let every trending topic or developments on women’s beauty products never pass you. Be the first to update your audience on such matters. This will display your brand as strong, informative, and diligent in serving its purpose.


Such a bold move will earn you more followers within no time, word spreads out fast on social media and soon enough, your videos will be trending on YouTube. You can buy YouTube views to better your account’s visibility and ensure your channel is being seen out there.


Invest in increasing your views count


Since we are concentrating on increasing the views count, it is time I delve into the issue of buying YouTube views to increase the rate of engagement on your channel. Before answering this question, let’s discuss some important statistical research findings on YouTube marketing.


According to research, the most popular YouTube channels with staggering number of views have been found to be managed by social media experts who are hired for that specific purpose. In another important statistics, a bigger percentage of small businesses are observed to be buying YouTube views to increase their channel’s visibility.


The two research findings illustrate the importance of investing in YouTube marketing. Hiring an expert is a good move but only to those that can afford. If you are just a start-up business, this can be quite out of reach. Luckily enough for you, the tactics that they use are the same as am giving you here. Buying YouTube views, on the other hand, is quite affordable. There are different packages that are designed to give your brand a viewership boost. So yes, you can buy YouTube viewers they will help your small business grow faster.


Network and make friends


Just like any other social media platform, YouTube has different ways that you can interact with other users and engage with the YouTube community. You need to start getting to know popular individuals in your niche and befriending them. Sending them private messages and complimenting them for their great content will enhance your relationship.


Also, ask people to comment on about your video on the public comment section. Positive comments will definitely earn you more followers. Though you cannot control about what people say about your content you have full control over your content and you can create great content that your followers will appreciate and give you thumbs up.


You should take your time and engage your followers who are commenting. Answer their questions satisfactorily and handle negative comments with understanding that not everyone will like and appreciate what you are doing.


Share testimonials on your channel


Testimonials can earn you a chunk of views and new leads to your business. One important thing to note is that customers trust one of their own more than they trust you. They know that you are in business to make money but when a fellow customer explains their experience with your product, people will gain confidence in your brand and will be happy to view your content, shop from you and even refer their friends to you.


This method is good for earning targeted leads. Human beings are visual creatures by nature and there is no marketing strategy that beats face-to-face marketing. However, videos substitute meeting in person and work just perfectly. Hence, ask for testimonials from your customers, share them, and see the views roll in.


Create short videos


Short videos that are direct to the point are more appealing than long ones. Ensure that you make your point clear within the first 5 seconds. This calls for great expertise in YouTube marketing and video production. It might be better to consult an expert or commit yourself to do much research to come up with the perfect video.


The reason is that people don’t like watching promotional materials trying to sell out to them. So if you can capture their attention just before they click the cancel button, then you may have a chance of convincing them about your product. Eventually, your efforts will pay off. Besides either buying YouTube views or hiring a social media marketing expert, you can generate more views without spending lots of money.


Possessing more views on your YouTube channel means better visibility, a bigger audience hence more leads to your business. Either you will opt to buy YouTube views or generate them through the traditional methods, it’s crucial that you apply methods that will see your brand growing.


There is much potential in YouTube marketing and all it requires is for you to get creative and ready to part with some cash for instance in buying YouTube views as well as following all the developing trends in YouTube marketing that can help your business grow.

Twitter Retweet and Quote Tweet Benefits

Twitter is not only a means of communication but also a form of entertainment for many people. In previous years, twitter and other social media websites was mainly used for building social networks. Today however, it has advanced to more than that and is even used by heads of state such as Donald Trump as a means of communicating to the citizens. The evolution of the site is well received as more and more people use the retweets options and the like options. In essence, the evolution has allowed it to be more entertaining, information and more popular as compared to other sites. In order to be part of the community, it crucial to understand how the retweet and the quote tweet options benefit you.

The twitter retweets option;

  1. Helps you gain more retweets and followers – The retweets options is quite easy to use. You click on it, confirm your retweet and you send it out. Your followers will be able to see that it is not an original tweet but something that you have shared from someone else. This serves a good purpose as it gets people to look at your timeline and profile based on content that you did not come up with yourself. You benefit from this as they may end up liking or retweeting your original tweets or even other retweets. Other than that, they may also follow you if they find your timeline captivating and wish to view content from you more often.
  2. Helps you establish more connections globally – The twitter retweet option is also beneficial as it helps in articulating ideas you may have had but could not come up with by yourself. From many retweets people find that some behaviors are similar to the human race even though people come different areas. Some behaviors by parents are also seen to be similar as you retweet more and get more retweets. |In essence, the retweet option allows for global connections to be established between people who would not have connected otherwise.

The quote tweet option;

  1. Allows you to voice your opinion of the tweet –This necessary especially when retweeting something controversial. Twitter retweets allow you to share something as it was posted. Quoting the tweet will let you let your followers know whether you agree with or do not agree with the original tweet. This may also be helpful in tweets that are sarcastic and can be easily be mistaken to mean something they were not intended to. Retweeting without providing more context on your stand could harm your followers and your network.
  2. Allows you to provide reference to what you are referring to – It is often troubling to find a tweet by someone that addresses an issue posted by another person but the referenced tweet is nowhere in sight. The quote tweet makes it easy for the conversation to continue. Your followers are also able to easily chime in and post their replies.




Massage chairs these days has been very convenient and useful for people. Massage chairs can really make your life more easier and more advantageous for most of the people that do not have enough time to go to certain spa’s and some certain massage places. It is very beneficial for people who can invest in a certain type of chair. But we all know that not all of the people can buy and invest in a certain type of massage chair. But lucky for them, there are massage rentals! But what are these massage chair rentals? Massage chair rentals are becoming more popular and they are spreading whole wide world. These kind of rentals allows you to sit back and just relax in a certain massage chair for just a certain amount of time. For example, in the Philippines you can rent a massage chair for just fifty pesos and it is already for thirty minutes! Can you imagine all of the pleasure you will get for just fifty pesos. But some people will choose to invest in a certain massage chair than going to a certain mall for fifty pesos everyday or for `several times. And some of us cannot really invest that big money already. There is also some companies that lets you rent massage chairs for certain programs. For example is if you are having a coming up trade show, and you want to lure a lot of people as possible, you can boost the irons in the fire in new and much more exciting ways. Also if you are going to have your corporate event next, and you want to make you company party something that your certain employees will never forget then renting a certain massage chair can really help you with these certain programs. If you have a certain business, a  certain educational institution or any other certain organizations, a massage chairs rental is a great way to boost the certain benefits of self service massage to each day experience. It can be for either employees, some customers. and either prospects. These kind of massage chairs can design a acquiescent program for certain limited time massage chairs rental to fit the kinds of your needs.


Let us take a look at massage chair rental companies in the Philippines. The rest in chairs, its a company and it already have a lot of clients, just like 3D Exhibits, Allergan,  Cvent, Diageo, google, Hyundai, intel, IBM, Microsoft, MKG, Maritz, MoDev, Octagon, Trinet, Under armour, Sprint, StateFarm, Wits, Wells Fargo. It has been a very successful company. Let us also take a look at the Elite Massage Chairs. Their business is already over 15 years and they have two goals to deliver to their shoppers. First is have single sources for just the best massages chair on the  certain market and the other one is having a peace off mind. Last company that we will put an eye one is the better lounge, they also have a lot of clients. Just like, Oracle, Amazon, PWC, Loblaws, TELUS, TD Bank, Purolator, Toyota, Arla, Fairmont, Eaton, Shire, Drexel, Seneca, HIlton, Marriott, Hyatt, Sheraton, Century 21 and many other more. These are just some example of what a certain massage chair rental business could have and what they could achieve. 


These are just some of the certain companies in the Phillippines that offer a massage chair rental. There are a lot more on other countries and there are a lot more even here in the Philippines. So do not be so scared to invest in a certain massage chair if you do not want to go to certain massage spa if you have any pain in your body. And also, renting a certain massage chair is not that expensive. On the other hand, yes it is cheap and it is also super effective for the most of us that cannot take out a big amount of money in our pocket all at once. Having massage chair rentals in your companies can make you company more attractive to be on and you can boost your audiences. Renting a certain massage chairs can also really help you in a lot of things.


Benefitting from Automatic Likes

Globalization has allows marketing to be done on a global scale online. Even for local businesses, there is no better way to market what you are selling than through social media. There is a wide pool of potential buyers for many businesses you only need to know the right avenues to get to them. Social media is a tricky endeavor for a first time marketer but it can be hacked within no time.

Whilst it is a reality that it could be daunting to boost the number of your page likes, still, making a greater effort is undeniably worthwhile. It is truly interesting to note that getting automatic likes is not only about being famous and expanding your circle in the social media world. Of course, whatever your personal and business goals are why you desperately wish to boost the number of your likes- there are some valuable points that you need to contemplate on.

Here are some of the practical reasons why it is crucial to get more automatic likes in your social media profile all of them arising from the fact that the likes help you gain more followers;

  1. a) E-mail marketing capability

When some users like your page, they are automatically added to your fan base. Through this, it is made a lot easier to transmit broadcast-style e-mails to all your fans or if you want you can also target them hinged on demographics- location, gender and age. In truth, transmitting occasional e-mail is a great approach to remain on top of mind with prospects or clients.

  1. b) More traffic to website.

For a fact, incorporating the Like button to your website is advantageous in that this is an excellent method to increase traffic. Take in mind that each time guests click the button; data regarding your site is then shared with their followers through newsfeed and thus could create more traffic.Automatic likes helps in getting more people to be interested in your posts and thus like it.

  1. c) Like is actually a clear expression of casual affinity.

This surely indicates that the guest is engrossed in your business and wished to hear from you. Indeed, this is identical to a person opting-in to receive e-mail updates. In the same way, this could result to the establishment of more personal bonds with clients and prospects as well as a greater degree of engagement with them all.

  1. d) Likes could lead to deeper insights.

This simply conveys that it provides detailed information on the fan activity on the social media page and demographic data like location, gender and age- as you can see, all these are pivotal for the objectives of market research.

  1. e) Likes can encourage more effective form of advertisement.

Most social media platforms keep a record of all their Like activity. In addition to this, merchants that utilize this app could easily access this information in order to generate more greatly targeted advertisements. To put simply, this implies that merchants can obtain a greater degree of applicability when it comes to their advertising.

How Automatic Likes Generate Sales

Social media and digital marketing is the trend today. People are slowly moving away from the conventional marketing methods and increasingly adopting social media marketing techniques. This is largely due to the many benefits that accrue from marketing through social media. Marketing through social media is actually much cheaper, much more convenient and faster and allows the company to tap into the global market with the click of a button. The shift towards social media, goes without saying, led to the innovation of products and services that will make it easier for companies to market through the social media platforms. One such product is the automatic likes.

Automatic likes, basically described, are likes that are generated by a system. These likes are usually generated automatically content is posted. The system is configured to react to certain activity on the subject’s social media pages by generating a certain number of likes. These likes are increasingly growing in popularity as people have realized that they really work well to generate sales for businesses. How do these likes generate sales?You might ask.

When the automatic likes are generated for your business, they work well to increase visibility. The likes are usually generated in very high numbers. This simply means that a lot of interest will be picked into who you are and what you have to offer. Getting a lot of likes usually works to increase one’s ranking on the trending list of social media platforms. Being among the top trending usually has the effect of many more people becoming curious as to who you are and what it is you have to offer. The general assumption is that you definitely have something interesting to offer otherwise you will not have been receiving all these likes.

Once the automatic likes give you the benefit of getting all this attention towards you, you will notice that a larger number of people will start flocking towards your page. Do not look at these people as simply followers or traffic top your page; these are potential customers that need to be converted into customers and ultimately sales. Once the automatic likes have brought you the high number of people you simply need to push it all to the finishing line. Work to convert all these potential customers into customers. Remember that you already have the attention of these people; they are already interested in hearing what you have to say and seeing what you have to offer. It will thus be your responsibility to make sure that you tell them what they want to hear and offered them what they are looking for.

Theautomatic likes work very well to divert people’s attention to you and pick their curiosity about you. You can be sure that once the people are directed to you and you tell them what theywant to hear and give them what they want, you will have gotten a good number of customers pout them. The customers will buy from your business and you will have generated agood amount of sales.


Weather stations could really help observe the weather that is indoors or outdoors and eliminates your require to involve the television or to be online to know whether its going to rain in any day, or either a light or hard rain, a sun or a store is expected. But how can you choose weather station without a wire and at home? Some digital kind of weather stations are already have been changed the barometers analog, which is used know the  weather in a manner. And taking in the thought that the indicators of atmospheric pressure. The usual weather stations only consists of  certain framework processes and it shows some of relevant datas from different kinds of sensors like, the thermometer for the temperature, also the hygrometer for the humidity, the barometer also belong in the sensors for the atmospheric pressures, wind vanes are for of course, wind direction, anemometer for the wind speed and the rain gauge for precipitation and the others are for radiation of solar, and other more. There are important factors when you are going to choose some weather station. First is the purpose, if you are thinking, purpose of what? You always need to know why do you want or need certain weather station? Investing in cheap kind of thermometers just only if you need to assess certain temperature and certain humidity. The very basic cheap items  only just equip two with sensors of the certain temperature and certain humidity and will only outline something that whether it is so hot, or cold, or rainy, or snowy or lack of rain.


You can also obtain some more advanced items just to check the humidity, the temperature, and the atmospheric pressures that is indoors or outdoors. Some kind of stations can have some temperature and some moisture sensors for observing the condition of the different rooms. You can also go to a not so professional stations just to just have the very entire investigation of the weather and precise forecast. Some stations are really equipped with some several more sensors with different types. Next factor is price. Of course we all need to prioritize the price. This part continues the other previous part which is the bigger sensor, the more good it really works, the higher price a certain station will surely be. A certain weather station could be bought at the certain prices that is from nine dollars and even up to five hundred dollars. Next is the with wire or without wire power base and the sensor. Some weather stations can be only powered by outlet. But surely wireless are usually preferred ones because we can put it wherever we want and it could be lifted around your house.


Next is the weather station protection. We also need to protect our weather stations in water, in heat and in impact resistance. You should better have a weather station that will be protected from some insects and small animals. There are a lot of weather stations but let us put an eye on these what we call automatic weather station.  Once a weather station is automatic, it has interconnection with other sensors that makes it easy to function. It can also interconnection with other units making the identification of the weather more precise.


But why do we need to have an automatic weather station? Well, because the it’s good use  is known. What the weather is, is easily identifiable. The sensors are trustworthy. It’s precision is unquestionable. You need not worry that it can be altered compared to other instruments operated manually. With a link in the PC the certain data can be used for all types of projects.

So before buying some certain weather stations, be sure that you would know and learn about these ones because having a weather station either at your home, your office, school or wherever, it is really complicated so be sure that you already have the knowledge and the ability to use it before buying it. In fact, it’s more fun making one, economical, plus you will have a control of everything if you are the one making it. Learn it now and start making your own weather station!

Factors to Consider in Automatic Favorites Agreements

Automatic favorites have helped a large number of businesses to gain visibility on social media platforms. This visibility is a very important aspect for all businesses carrying out marketing campaigns on social media platforms. The favorites are basically system generated and they usually simply work to raise a business’ profile on the platform. They are usually generated in high numbers and this is what contributes to the raising of the profile. They are usually offered as a paid service and one usually has to come up with an agreement with the service provider before they can start receiving the favorites. At this point, you might be wondering what then exactly goes into the agreement between the service provider and the customer.

The first thing that should be considered when looking at the agreement with a service provider is the number of automatic favorites that will be generated. These favorites are usually generated in a large numbers but it usually advisable to find a balance. They still must be generated in a way that looks realistic and it should not be obvious that they are being generated by a system as opposed to having actual people giving the favorites. It is thus important that the number of favorites that will be generated agreed upon beforehand. Factors that can be used to determine the number that will be generated will include the size of the business being marketed, the following the business enjoys on the social media platforms, which product or service the business is marketing among others.

The second thing is the frequency with which the automatic favorites will be generated. Once again, you do not want it to look obvious that the favorites are being generated by a system. The normal process is that the system is triggered to generate the favorites when you post content. You however need to engage the service provider to find a reasonable frequency with which they will be generated.It is clearly not realistic to have a large number of favorites for each and every thing that you post; especially in the event that you are an avid poster. This will definitely not look believable. Once again, it will be important for you to be able to strike that balance.

Another very important factor that should be agreed upon before you start receiving the favorites is of course the price that will becharged for the service. This is a service that is being provided for you and from which you will make money. You can thusbe sure that you will definitely have to pay a premium for enjoying the service. A large number of the service providers available in the market do charge very reasonable rates for the provision of the service and you will find that it is not a very expensive service to receive. It is however important to agree on what you will be charged beforehand. This will also help with your planning and budgeting. Pricing is usuallydonebased on the number of automatic favorites that you will want generated and the frequency with which they will be generated.