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Twitter Retweet and Quote Tweet Benefits

Twitter is not only a means of communication but also a form of entertainment for many people. In previous years, twitter and other social media websites was mainly used for building social networks. Today however, it has advanced to more than that and is even used by heads of state such as Donald Trump as a means of communicating to the citizens. The evolution of the site is well received as more and more people use the retweets options and the like options. In essence, the evolution has allowed it to be more entertaining, information and more popular as compared to other sites. In order to be part of the community, it crucial to understand how the retweet and the quote tweet options benefit you.

The twitter retweets option;

  1. Helps you gain more retweets and followers – The retweets options is quite easy to use. You click on it, confirm your retweet and you send it out. Your followers will be able to see that it is not an original tweet but something that you have shared from someone else. This serves a good purpose as it gets people to look at your timeline and profile based on content that you did not come up with yourself. You benefit from this as they may end up liking or retweeting your original tweets or even other retweets. Other than that, they may also follow you if they find your timeline captivating and wish to view content from you more often.
  2. Helps you establish more connections globally – The twitter retweet option is also beneficial as it helps in articulating ideas you may have had but could not come up with by yourself. From many retweets people find that some behaviors are similar to the human race even though people come different areas. Some behaviors by parents are also seen to be similar as you retweet more and get more retweets. |In essence, the retweet option allows for global connections to be established between people who would not have connected otherwise.

The quote tweet option;

  1. Allows you to voice your opinion of the tweet –This necessary especially when retweeting something controversial. Twitter retweets allow you to share something as it was posted. Quoting the tweet will let you let your followers know whether you agree with or do not agree with the original tweet. This may also be helpful in tweets that are sarcastic and can be easily be mistaken to mean something they were not intended to. Retweeting without providing more context on your stand could harm your followers and your network.
  2. Allows you to provide reference to what you are referring to – It is often troubling to find a tweet by someone that addresses an issue posted by another person but the referenced tweet is nowhere in sight. The quote tweet makes it easy for the conversation to continue. Your followers are also able to easily chime in and post their replies.